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October 27, 2020

Taking care of your gut health.

Stimulate and Restore Your Microbiome

Stomach problems and digestive disorders are some of the most uncomfortable and debilitating health issues that one may experience. The gut is the centre where so much of the body’s functions happen and when it is disrupted it can affect everything from bowel movements, nutrient absorption, mood and just your overall general health. One way to help the body deal with certain disorders and problems with the gut is to restore the microbiome in your digestive system. The role of the microbiome is many and varied but ultimately it is about ensuring that your body can process what comes into it correctly. From helping defeat bad bacteria to help fight colds and flu to breaking down food to release its energy and produce the vitamins to help the rest of the body function optimally, if your microbiome is less than optimal, then all of these processes are inhibited. In order to help restore your microbiome to optimal functionality, it is worth seeking out the best probiotic to help. Progurt probiotic sachets are designed to help with beneficial colonisation of the gut and are the best probiotic to help bring your gut back to the state it was before any of the wear and tear was inflicted. With our probiotic sachets, we use a unique blend of Human Probiotic Isolates to not just restore the microbiome but do it in a way that does not disrupt your body’s natural balance of bacteria. Designed to be taken once a day, all you need to do is mix one sachet of best probiotics with water or juice and you are good to go. This easy to use, super strength formula will have you re-balanced in no time and help you restore yourself to the best version of yourself. Another way to aid in the health of your gut is to also use our Probiotic stimulating syrup. This syrup is a prebiotic and encourages and aids in the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. It is a simple sweetener that can be added to food and beverages, as a great alternative to other sweeteners. Being made with concentrated non-digestible sugars, known as oligosaccharides, it can only be digested by good bacteria therefore it does not affect your blood sugar levels.


 Optimise Your Gut pH

There has been a lot of talk about the pH of our bodies and while it tends to fluctuate and change throughout the body when there is an issue it can go unnoticed or it can rear its head up in the most obvious ways possible. When the pH balance of your gut is off, it can lead a whole array of issues. Symptoms like acid reflux, bad digestion and other aggravating conditions can worsen. This often leaves people feeling sick and unhealthy. Hydration is one of the best ways to help your body maintain its pH and while drinking water alone is a great start, to optimise the pH in your gut then there are options out there. Other than creating the best probiotic sources, Progurt also has developed a range of products to aid our customers to balance and optimise the gut and digestive system. The gut is a delicate ecosystem so the more products available to help combat digestive issues, the better the chances there are of helping you feel happy and healthy again. One of the products Progurt has developed is the Progurt PH Capsules. These natural sea salt capsules are lower in salt compared to natural sea salt but are also higher in potassium, calcium and magnesium chlorides. Either combined with our other best probiotic products like our sachets or taken alone, the sea salt capsules can have a dramatic effect on not just hydration but also the body’s circulation and the regulation of the stomach pH. This way you can help aid digestion and other functions that happen throughout the digestive system. Take capsules three times daily, with water or juice, or as required, no matter what time of the day. We ensure that like all of our other products such as best probiotic sachets, the dosage of the active ingredients can be readily absorbed, to users the best results possible.

Rehydrate and Remineralise

Our body at any given time is running a complex system and that is why the body needs a whole range of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals readily available to complete bodily functions. When the body is lacking what it needs, it can often lead to it either not completing the functions adequately or simply giving up on operating at all. Once a system is not working correctly, it can have dire consequences on the body as a whole. This is why having a healthy gut is so important. As the body processes what it consumes, it breaks it down and from the gut, different nutrients and parts of what the body breaks down is sent to the appropriate location. A gut that is not functioning properly may not be able to absorb or break down nutrients properly, leading to inadequate absorption of vitamins and minerals. This is why Progurt has developed a Mineral Chloride Supplement alongside our best probiotic sachets and other products that may be beneficial to various issues associated with poor gut health. This supplement further aids the health of the gut and the rest of the body to ensure that the body is, in fact, receiving an appropriate amount of essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium. The chlorides contained in this concentrate aid with a range of bodily operations such as protein synthesis, cardiovascular health, immune function and blood sugar management. It is as simple as putting a couple of drops in your juice or water, one to three times daily. Make the best probiotic you can take even more effective by taking advantage of our range. If you are not sure what the best probiotic and accompanying supplements to take are, then our team is available to help you get exactly what you need.

best probiotic. Gut health

October 08, 2020

Best Probiotics for gut health and your immune system

ImmuneSystem Light and ImmuneSystem Pro

As a supplier of the best probiotic products on the market we have devised various packages of our best probiotic to help aid you in various ways. With the ImmuneSystem Light and ImmuneSystem Pro packages you will enjoy the benefits our best probiotics will have on your health and lifestyle. Within these packages you receive our prebiotic, probiotic sachets and our immuno protein tablets that have been specifically packaged together to target the support of healthy immunological responses while reducing potential bacterial and viral infections. Our ImmuneSystem Light  and ImmuneSystem Pro are devised as our clinical strength answer to support the immune system function. As you can appreciate, if you begin feeling elevated and anxious leading up to a major life event, it can be typical that you could fall ill. By implementing our best probiotics you could help in lowering the risk of becoming ill by boosting your immunity. By trusting in Progurt’s best probiotics you could be able to avoid feeling miserable during that next major event and enjoy life to the fullest and miss out on less while enjoying the moment. Imagine waiting all year for that family holiday you have been looking forward to and waking up to finding out on the day you are going to fly out that you are under the weather due to poor immunity. The last thing you want to do is tell your family to cancel your holiday because your immune system has spoiled it for everyone.  Our two ImmuneSystem packages are both designed as a four week protocol, however your immunity requirement will dictate which size package you opt for.  To begin benefiting from Progurt’s best probiotics immunity kit you can conveniently place an order through our website at anytime and start reaping the benefits of increased immunity.

best probiotic for gut health


GutSmart Light and GutSmart Pro

As it is known, our gut is often seen as our second brain and this is precisely why the gut has a much bigger impact on our health and lifestyle than a lot of people often bargain for.  Furthermore more, this is why you should always listen to your gut because if it is not healthy, then you’re probably not either so you should address that gut feeling and begin benefiting from a happy and healthy gut. At Progurt we have a thorough appreciate for gut health which is why we offer our best probiotic to help fight gut health issues. Within our commitment to help our customers fight gut health problems we have devised packages of our product that are tailored to gut health which we call our GutSmart Light and GutSmart Pro product packages. Within these packages you will receive our PH capsules, probiotic sachets and our chloride drops. This particular kit has been designed to allow for a smoother and healthier digestive system. Our GutSmart kits are versatile enough to be used on various gut types and are solely focused on aiding digestion and rebalancing inadequate gut-flora while renewing and colonising the beneficial bacteria in the body. At the end of the day, if you cannot get your gut health right, your mental and physical health could be impacted while also crippling your usual lifestyle. For this reason it is paramount to address your gut health issues and the choice of Progurt’s best probiotics kits can be a saviour. Try Progurt’s best probiotic gut health kits today to restore balance back into your body.

Our Best Probiotic Sachets

We offer our best probiotic sachets in various volumes to suit everyone’s volume need for probiotics and also to cater to various peoples budgets.  You can begin enjoying our probiotic sachets from $99 for a five pack and can benefit from a cheaper cost per sachet as you purchase the larger pack sizes. At Progurt we live and breath our best probiotics and the benefits it can have on the body. Our best probiotic sachets are a fully natural and super strength, human isolated probiotic which has been devised specifically to aid digestive health and rebalance the gut flora. Our sachets boast over one trillion CFU beneficial bacteria capability per sachet which can provide worlds of benefit to the gut and gut health. Our probiotic sachets are conveniently designed to be water-soluble and contain multiple human probiotic isolates which are identical to the ones found in a healthy human gut from birth. It is for this reason Progurt’s probiotic sachet is one of the best probiotics to take as they can be more effective than other probiotics and can be also be easily transported and conveniently consumed anywhere you go.

progurt best probiotic


Give Bad Gut Health the flick, take a Probiotic

If you have been experiencing that something is slightly off with your gut, or perhaps you’ve been feeling generally lethargic but can’t quite put your finger on what could be causing it, you should take the time to listen to what your gut might be telling you. That’s right, maybe it’s not old age that slowing you down. It could very well be that thing that’s sitting right under your nose. Your gut. And it’s time to address it. Many people may underestimate the impact an unhealthy gut can have on their health and lifestyle so they just ignore it. Imagine if by simply taking a probiotic sachet you could have a healthier, happier and more energetic version of yourself. You would definitely give it a try right? So why wait any longer and give it a go. After all, you have nothing to lose, except that terrible feeling you might be experiencing in your gut.  At Progurt our best probiotic sachet could be your answer to unlocking a healthier gut and an overall healthier you. To begin enjoying all the benefits associated with a healthy gut,  try our best probiotic sachet today as you’re mind and body could be thanking you and you could be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner. 

September 28, 2020

The Importance of Gut Health - Best Probiotic

Importance of Gut Health

The science behind gut health has become a hot topic amongst health professionals recently and while hot topics often lead to over saturation in the marketplace, there are many fundamentally important and science-backed reasons on why gut health should be addressed. For starters, our gut is home to one of the most sensitive systems in our body where many of the important functions take place that keep us healthy. This is why if something is not healthy or out of balance, it can have an effect on our overall health. Our body needs fuel to function and the better the nutrients from that fuel is absorbed, the better the state our body will be in. This means if your gut is not functioning optimally, then it does not matter what food or nutrients you consume, it just will not be absorbed correctly. These nutrients help fuel all our body’s systems so without effective absorption, the body will start to become deficient and this can lead to real dire consequences. Another impact poor gut health has is that since our gut where healthy bacteria lives to help fight off any infection or issues, if there are not enough healthy bacteria then our immune system will not function correctly. A lack of healthy bacteria can be caused by not looking after your health adequately, other health issues and taking antibiotics. In order to improve gut health, then it is important to ensure that you have the right healthy bacteria in your gut. The best way to do this is by finding the best probiotic to consume, preferably one that is easily absorbed by the body like the products created by Progurt. Progurt’s kits, including their sachets, tablets, water and juices, are the best probiotic and supporting products to replace and increase healthy bacteria in your gut. With Progurt products, you can be sure that your gut is given the best chance to function optimally and that is one of the best ways to improve your gut health with the best probiotics.


Signs of an Unhealthy Gut

Everybody can benefit from taking measures to improve their gut health even if it seems that everything is functioning correctly. That being said, there are some signs to look out for that could mean that your gut health is less than optimal. Any discomfort in the gut is definitely a major sign that something is not right. Gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, reflux and other digestive problems are symptoms of poor gut health. Other less obvious symptoms can be unexplained fatigue or sleep disruptions; serotonin is produced in the gut so if production function is inhibited in any way, it can have an impact on your sleep cycle. Serotonin also regulates mood, and this has been one of the reasons why there has been a link found between depression, anxiety and other mood disorders and gut health. Progurt’s best probiotic can help with restoring gut balance. Skin issues are another major indication that something is not right, as poor gut health can lead to inflammation, which is a contributing factor to conditions like eczema and psoriasis. If you are worried about your gut health or experiencing any of these issues, then consuming a product rich in probiotics can really aid in repairing your gut. The best probiotic to take is one that is easy to absorb and designed specifically with your gut health in mind, like the products created by Progurt. These scientifically backed and engineered sachets and other products are one of the best probiotics to consume to get your gut health back on track.

Progurt’s Product Range

Gut issues can have a major impact on your day to day life, from causing overall health issues to being something that can affect your social life. Having to avoid certain events because of food or suffering through, or after them, can cause a major disruption in your life. Do not let your gut health affect your quality of life, let Progurt provide you with the best probiotic to manage and improve your gut issues. One of the stars of the Progurt probiotic range is our best Probiotic sachets. These sachets effectively colonise and restore healthy bacteria in the gut. Being easy to consume and engineered to be absorbed efficiently, this super-strength formula is the best probiotic for those who are prone to digestive disorders, stomach issues or are just looking to really improve their overall gut health without disturbing the tummy's natural bacterial balance. Each sachet contains one trillion beneficial bacteria, blended with Human Probiotic Isolates and free from any additives or fillers. Easy to consume and prepare, all you need to do is mix one sachet into 200mls of water or juice daily. Simple to use and beneficial to your health, let the Progurt best probiotic sachet improve your gut and your life.


Ordering from Progurt

At Progurt, we understand the urgency and desires to want to improve your gut health, which is why we want to make the process of consuming our products as simple as possibly. We also understand that looking at the products on offer, with some unfamiliar names and terms, as well as products like digestive enzymes and other digestive health supplements, it may be an overwhelming process to place your first order. That is why when it comes to ordering the best probiotic range, we have Gut Care specialists on hand to help you throughout the ordering process. We also offer our range as single sale products or as part of kits, so you can either order everything you need to get started or just trial products as you wish. We know as well that when it comes to taking the steps to improve your gut health- you want to get started as soon as possible which is why Australia wide, we have overnight delivery available. That way you can get the best probiotic products in your hands as soon as possible, so you can start on your journey to improve your life by improving your gut health with Progurt.

September 15, 2020

Best Probiotic

Who can benefit from Probiotics?

Put simply, just about anyone and everyone could benefit from consuming a probiotics like Progurt best probiotic sachets by making this part of your regular intake. Regardless of the quality of your overall health, just about anyone can benefit from Progurts best probiotic sachets. Progurt itself offers the amazing benefits of probiotics such as abilities to restore your microbiome, aid digestive health and rebalance gut flora as the last thing some people need in their busy lives are gut and digestive concerns. If you’re fortunate enough to be in great health, you can benefit from Progurt best probiotic by taking an active approach to the future of your gut and general health. If you are an individual who has to endure gut health issues, then you should closely consider Progurt to help manage the issues associated with the gut health and digestive issues and to help develop good bacteria in your gut to balance off some of the nasties that might be facing in your gut. Within the spectrum of being blessed with perfect gut health or dealing with all types of gut health issues, you could be someone who is in between with quality of health. Perhaps overall your generally feel healthy, your gut seems to be ok but you feel as though your body has more to offer. Perhaps you get tired quicker than you used to and have been feeling more lethargic. Rather than putting these health conditions down to “old age”, there’s a chance you might have a bacteria imbalance in your gut or in the background you actually are experiencing digestive issues without making the connection. And you could benefit with the intake of a probiotic. After all, you have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain if you could get your energy levels back to how you remember them being and in doing so, improve the quality of your lifestyle dramatically.

What sets Progurt best Probiotic Sachets apart from other Probiotic Products?

If you are in the market for the best probiotic product to suit your lifestyle, Progurt’s probiotic sachets are a great option to get your measure of probiotics without even realising you are doing so. When consuming our product, not only do you enjoy the existing known benefits of consuming a probiotic but you also get to enjoy all the added benefits that come with the convenience of our sachets that can be taken pretty much anywhere in the world. When compared to taking those grainy powders or pills, it just makes sense to get your probiotics in through the use of a sachet mixed with water or juice. If we look at it this way, lets consider the consumption of water. Everyone drinks water and receives all the hydration and mineral benefits from it. However, if you had the option to consume water but with an added benefit to your body like a probiotic, it is very likely you would choose to do so if it was readily available to you. If you consider Progurt, you get to enjoy the benefits that probiotics have to offer to your gut and overall health through the consumption of our best probiotic product. Let us also consider why Progurts best probiotic sachets come out as the leader in the area of probiotics too. With Progurt you choose a fantastic system whereby you essentially create your own dosage of probiotics right before your eyes, and it is so simple! You just add your sachet to your beverage of choice, give it a stir and you’re on the way to achieving a healthier gut.

Probiotics on the go

At Progurt we can appreciate that you might have a busy lifestyle and that getting your intake of probiotics through products that require you to carry around a bulky bottle of a probiotic drink or a rattling tin of probiotic pills might not be too enjoyable or convenient. For this reason our product is designed to be dissolved into water as a drink to allow you to receive the benefits of probiotics anywhere in the world. All you need to do is simply pop the contents of one sachet into 200ml of water or freshly pressed juice, and mix. The best time to have this drink is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. To receive the benefits as an intensive dose, take your probiotics in this way for up to fourteen days. Otherwise, this method can be used once a week.  

General Benefits of Progurt Best Probiotics Sachet

There is a continuous list of direct and indirect benefits from consuming Progurts best probiotic. With the known benefits of probiotics ability to help with overall gut health which is the widely understood benefits of probiotics in general, there are also an array of other health and lifestyle benefits individuals can enjoy from consuming Progurts best probiotic. As gut health can be a setback within its own right, the ability for probiotics to help curb gut issues is already a major benefit that can be directly observed. However, if you’re experiencing gut health issues, there’s a great chance your general overall health and lifestyle could also become impacted from your gut health. Therefore by choosing the option to consume probiotics to help assist with your gut health issues, you also benefit from the ability to carry on with your life as you normally would.  Rather than having to possibly cancel those much anticipated dinner plans were you looking forward to all week due to ill health coming from your gut, by benefiting from probiotics you could still make those dinner plans rather than having to sit at home all night and watch your family and friends night of fun photos show up on your social media news feed. Not only is your physical health at an impact but potentially your mental health too if you have to restrict your lifestyle due to gut health issues.  If you do happen to suffer from gut health issues there could be various activities your body and mind might restrict you from participating in. By managing the severity through a probiotic product like Progurt, there could be a new, healthier you waiting just around the corner.

September 10, 2014

#1 Sample Post: Apples Information

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