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Probiotics And Men

Probiotics And Men

Probiotics are "good bacteria" required to help your body replace the ones it naturally produces. You need them because as we grow, the number of good bacteria in the body steadily diminishes.

Men are not popular for taking their body's health that seriously, and as such, more and more must be educated on the subject.

Men can greatly improve various areas of men's health with the right information, such as knowing what is beneficial and what could be potentially damaging to the overall health.

As a man, probiotics are good for you for many reasons. This article will acquaint you with the major benefits you stand to gain when you start taking probiotics.

Digestive and Sexual Health

Just as "men are said to be from mars and women are from venus," so do our health problem areas differ. For a man, the type of probiotic and especially the concentration needed are different from that of a woman for a few reasons.

Studies have shown a close link between microbiome health and sex hormones. So, a healthy microbiome equals a healthy sex drive via hormones.

The obvious benefit of probiotics for anyone is improved digestive health, but for men, there is also this link to an improved release of sex hormones. Because of this, it is important to buy probiotics tailored to your needs as a man.

Mental Health

Men's mental health doesn't exactly make the headlines, and society's expectations can be too much to bear. Would you like a healthy mind to power through the weight of being a man?

The answer is quite simple; you can regulate the quality of your mental health by regulating your gut health. Studies have shown that such a thing as the "gut-brain" axis indicates a connection between the two.

So, just as probiotics can improve your sexual health, they can also greatly improve your mental health. Probiotics have also been noted to reduce the risk of neurological issues that normally plague male individuals at certain ages.

Life can be grim, but with a healthier gut and mind, you can afford to see the bright side always and have a wholesome life.


What you put in our bellies can go a long way to either ruin or improve your overall health as a man, especially depending on your gut health.

Immunity as an improvement from probiotics is linked heavily to a stronger and healthier gut. Probiotics help achieve this by firstly making the microbiome a more diverse concentration and making the gut wall less permeable for harmful microorganisms.

These microorganisms would normally pass through a weaker and less healthy gut wall straight into the bloodstream and cause damage to your overall health as a man. It is important to note also that a man's immunity is slightly different from a woman’s, so you can use gender-specific probiotics.

Oftentimes, men don't particularly watch what they eat, but with probiotics, they can ensure they have more good bacteria and very few bad ones at least.

Prostate Health

Prostate care is non-negotiable for you as a man; there are one in eight men who get diagnosed with prostate cancer. And as you grow older, so does the risk as well, with the number rising to 6 in 10 men who are 65 or older.

For these facts alone, you need to take care of your prostate, especially if you're over 50. It is also advisable to start early and make it a part of your routine as a man to care for your prostate.

Probiotics do wonders for your prostate as a man, helping reduce inflammation or swelling. They do this by reducing the presence of E. coli and E. faecalis which are chiefly responsible for prostatitis, which sets off a chain reaction of other prostate issues.


Testosterone is a hormone responsible for many functions in the male body, from sex to growth, to moods, and so on. A drastic reduction in testosterone levels can lead to many irregularities we do not want.

Probiotics can promote an increase in the production and release of testosterone in men. It can do this because it is proven to reduce cortisol levels greatly. Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, is a chief cause of a drop in testosterone levels.

Testosterone is very important in reproduction, and a low level can be detrimental. Thus, it would be wise to take probiotics as a man if you want higher testosterone levels.

Weight Management

A drop in testosterone can also happen naturally, as what is known as "male menopause." When this happens, weight gain will be considerably increased, much of which might be unwanted.

Probiotics have been proven to help with weight management greatly by promoting healthy weight shedding. 

Probiotics containing bacteria strains like Bifidobacterium Lactis have been known to contribute to gut microbiota modulation. This means that if your gut is made healthy, you can digest food better and reduce the risk of adding unnecessary pounds. 


Why Do Men and Women Need Different Kinds of Probiotics?

Men and Women require different types of probiotics because they have different needs. These needs are tailored to gender-specific issues as listed below;

  • Digestive health issues
  • Sexual health issues
  • Mental health issues
  • Weight gain/loss issues
  • Hormonal issues


Probiotics are a great way to improve your overall health, and with the right ones, you can do a whole world of good for your body and mind.

For men, personal health is not a very popular subject, and as such, a lot of men live in denial or ignorance of conditions they may have or be prone to. It is important that more men are made aware of the great benefits they stand to gain when they use probiotics.

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