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Progurt for optimal health for all ages.

Progurt’s Human Probiotic Isolates (HPI) and its specialized Gut care range sets the bench-mark for restoring good health for all ages. Progurt is also the most powerful probiotic for restoring beneficial bacteria to the gut and the brain, through the gut-brain axis. Studies conclude that human strain probiotics are superior to probiotics sourced from plants, animals or dairy, where most probiotics are still sourced today. Progurt’s most powerful human and colonizing strains restore the bacteria that you should have been born with. Progurt is recommended during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. It has long been observed that, during a natural vaginal birth, specific bacteria from the mother's gut are passed on to the baby and stimulate the baby's immune responses. This transmission is impacted in children born by caesarean section. Progurt was developed as the Probiotic of choice for all ages, from pre-birth, through active teenage years, for elite athletes, for intellectual prowess and for restored brain function as well as for increased longevity. With Progurt, it is never too late to restore optimal health.
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