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Pregnancy and beyond with Progurt

Traditional medicine within Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander cultures surprisingly reflects that of the World Health Organisation; that healthcare practices must encompass the physical, mental and social wellbeing of the individual. Progurt has developed its Gut Care range based upon these principles. The gut-mind connection was acutely recognised by the founders of Progurt and its microbiologists. All phases of human life have been taken into account, from pregnancy, childbirth and child nurturing, the turbulent teenage years and athletic feats, academia and intellectual pursuits, and modern family stresses and ageing.

Progurt offers the most powerful probiotic of human origin (HPI) which can be consumed by all ages to help relieve modern lifestyle stresses and allow individuals of all ages to perform at their optimal best. The mind-gut connection is integral to all Progurt products; developed with the greatest natural potency to address all ages and all lifestyles, to help enhance your natural immune-system, restore balance and give opportunity for enjoyment of a life of spiritually, bodily and mental health and well-being.

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