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What are the best probiotic supplements for children?

What are the best probiotic supplements for children?

What are the best probiotic supplements for children?

Children lead activity-filled lives. And these activities expose them to many different opportunistic diseases. You may notice that your child fights one infection after another as soon as they start walking. Or even when they start going to the park to play or to school. The main reason why they fall ill is that they're exposed to bacteria.

Think about it, before the Covid-19 pandemic, how often did you squirt hand sanitiser on your child’s hand? What about when they were playing in the park, touching all kinds of surfaces? And, how often did your child catch a common cold when they started going to school? Well, thanks to the pandemic we now know to always sanitize as much as possible to prevent infections.

Diseases in children can cause a headache for you as a parent, but they are sometimes unavoidable. Plus, falling ill at such young ages can be a good thing after all. This is because the more they’re exposed to these germs, the stronger their immunity becomes. Meaning that their bodies will be able to fight infections better in future.

Luckily for you, as a parent, you can give the best probiotic supplements to your child. The best probiotic supplements can help them build even stronger immunity.

There’s still a data gap on what the long term effects of the best probiotics are to infants. This is why before you give your child any probiotics; you need to consult your paediatrician. They will be able to advise you on what the best probiotic supplements to take are.

Some paediatricians advise against giving probiotic supplements to children below the age of two. At this young age, children are still developing and there may not be enough available research to justify giving probiotic supplements to your child.

But, as children grow older, you can start adding probiotic supplements to their diets. Of course, you’ll still have to do your due diligence to figure out what the best probiotic supplements are.

Plus because children can sometimes be picky with what they eat, you may also need to consider the form of probiotic supplements you want to give them. This means that you’ll have to pick out the best probiotic supplements that’ll be easy for a child to take.

When your child is eating well and pooping on the regular, their digestive system is likely fine. In such a situation, you won’t need to worry about giving them a probiotic supplement. As they say, if it isn’t broken then why fix it, right?

But, if your child shows symptoms that we’ll discuss below probiotic supplements may come in handy for them.

So, what are the signs and symptoms that the best probiotic supplements can help you reduce in your child? Let’s break them down below.


This is a common occurrence in children, and your child is likely to get constipated more often than not. For instance, they may not be taking in enough roughage in the form of fruits and vegetables. We all know how children get when it’s time to eat their veggies. Other causes of constipation include failure to ingest enough fluids or even a change in diet.

When a child is constipated they become fussy and won’t do anything else as they should. But the best probiotic supplements can boost their gut flora and make it easy for them to digest fibre. This will help them have a better pooping routine.

Stomach bugs

Depending on their age, children sometimes eat anything and everything. This increases their chances of exposure to germs that will cause stomach bugs. Stomach infections in children often manifest in the form of diarrhoea or vomiting. In some cases, both symptoms occur at the same time. Stomach bugs often drain the child of all energy and can cause severe dehydration.

When your child has a stomach bug, the doctor may recommend medication. And these are likely to help them feel better. Complementing the medicine with the best probiotic supplements can help them recover faster. This is because the best probiotic supplements add to the good bacteria in their gut to help fight the bug.

What’s more, the paediatrician may prescribe antibiotics. And these antibiotics sometimes kill the good bacteria along with the bad ones. Taking the best probiotic supplements will help to restore your child’s gut health.

Skin diseases

Children are also prone to skin diseases. These diseases include itchy rashes, eczema, psoriasis or even allergic reactions. The best probiotic supplements can reduce the chances of getting these diseases.

Our skin has bacteria that help to form a barrier against pathogens and inflammation. So, when the amount of good bacteria in your child’s gut is low, they are likely to suffer from skin conditions. And children's skins are often sensitive, this is one more reason why you should give them the best probiotic supplements on the market.

Where to get them

Knowledge is power when it comes to figuring out what the best probiotic supplements to take are. This is why you should have all the information that you need beforehand. That way you'll be sure that you only introduce your child to the best probiotic supplements. And, if you’re in doubt, a good place to start would be at your child’s paediatrician.

Once you have their go-ahead, you can then go and get your child the best probiotic supplements to take. This is where Progurt USA can help you. We have a line of the best probiotic supplements for you and your family. Our formulas are gentle on the stomach and are easy to take. Visit our website and choose from the best type of probiotics for your child.

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