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In recent times probiotics have began to be widely talked about and as the result of more studies produced around the benefits that probiotics can have on health and improvements on individual lifestyles in so many different ways, the benefits should be strongly considered for anyone regardless of health or fitness level. Before we begin delving too far into ways probiotics can help you, we’ll explain exactly what probiotics are and proceed to explain why Progurt’s best probiotics should be considered as your go to source for your probiotic intake and also touch on how probiotics can improve your quality of lifestyle. 

If you haven’t come across probiotics before, probiotics are a microorganism that is essentially good bacteria. When consumed, they make their way to the stomach where quite often due to various lifestyle factors such as high consumption of sugars as part of the diet, bad bacteria can be found as bad bacteria are known to feed off sugar. The good bacteria in the form of these probiotics can play a vital part in restoring balance to the gut, which in turns leaves your stomach in a better condition and can also leave you feeling better in ways you may have never realised. Sometimes you might feel a little off and can’t quite put your finger on what’s wrong with your body. There’s can be a likelihood it is actually your gut trying to speak to you. Like the old saying goes, you should always listen to your gut feeling.

Your gut and the rest of your digestive system is where your food and nutrients are processed so when it is functioning regularly, it means nutrients are readily absorbed and your body is able to be in better condition across the board. This will definitely mean better digestion too, helping to treat and prevent digestive conditions like diarrhoea which can really cripple your lifestyle.

Many of the chemicals that control our moods as well are also produced in the gut therefore if your gut is out of balance it can have a serious effect on your mood, causing anxiety, stress, depression and some memory issues. With the advantage of probiotics helping balance the gut, you can help improve these conditions. Essentially, probiotics are able to help the gut remain healthy so it has an easier time completing all the functions it has, which leads to healthier skin, heart, organ function and overall health and lifestyle benefits to allow you to enjoy life to the fullest. At some point everyone will think their body isn’t performing like it used to and blame it on their age. This might not be the case and it could be your gut that is holding you back. 

Probiotic Supplements

Despite the vast array of products in the market offering the benefits that you can receive from consuming probiotics you should consider that some probiotics are better than others and by consuming probiotics, this has numerous benefits that you will enjoy. 

In your search for a probiotic it is likely you might came across various brands that may have only offered the more main strains of probiotics such as Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. Luckily for you and all our other satisfied consumers, with products like Progurt, which is a probiotic sachet, our focus is to be able to replace and add in as much of the best probiotics and other drivers to help the microflora in the gut be as balanced and as healthy as possible.

Through the addition of Lactic Acid Bacteria and Bifidobacteria, the gut will be able to replace strains that it is missing throughout the gut and the digestive tract. With the probiotics helping the gut, calcium, proteins and other vitamins found in yoghurt such as potassium, zinc and magnesium, just to name a few, these are more easily absorbed and even more effective. If you are struggling to find the best probiotic or not sure where to start, looking into a product like Progurt’s probiotic sachet that is formulated to maximise the full benefit of probiotics and other helpful ingredients for the guts flora, is a great place to start. Your gut, body, mind and soul will thank you for it.

With a high level outline as to why the best probiotics can be the ultimate solution to getting your dosage of probiotics we can proceed to explain why Progurts offer should be seriously considered as your choice for probiotic intake. 

With the understanding that probiotics can be consumed through various fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut and even drinks like Kombucha, you could likely begin to consider other options than a probiotic sachet to attain your probiotic consumption. However, there is a reason why probiotic sachet can be widely considered for you probiotic intake. Our probiotic sachet does not just give you all the added benefits that comes with consuming the sachet with your suitable beverage of choice, it allow you freedom and choice to take the probiotic with you to anywhere you travel to essentially. If you’re considering taking a probiotic that is sold as a drink, you could have a very difficult time getting this product onto your next flight. Our sachets allow for on-the-go probiotic intake. 

Just the like topic of probiotics, gut health has been a hot topic recently, and for good reason. Our gut contains over one hundred trillion microorganisms that have a multitude of different roles; protecting us from viruses, giving us energy, producing vital chemicals like serotonin, eliminating waste and basically the majority of our immune system lives in our gut. While our gut has these important functions, the way we live can do some real damage to the microbiome that is supposed to help our body do these necessary processes. Everything from stress, eating unhealthy foods, smoking and even things that are supposed to help us like antibiotics can have a detrimental effect on our gut health. Not only do these processes get interrupted and slow down if our gut health is off but it can also affect how we absorb nutrients from food, meaning that even if we are getting the right balance of macro and micronutrients, they may not be absorbed properly. This is why Progurt’s best probiotics are a great way to aid digestive health and help rebuild and rebalance gut flora. Consuming probiotics is a great way to help our gut microbiome.

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Further to the focus on our gut health, it has been found that our gut is one of the most sensitive places in our body and is often considered our second brain. Many of the bodies functions come from the gut, which makes sense when we consider that is part of our digestive system and what we consume has to make its way through our gut. This can often explain why when our guy is not well, the rest of our body can suffer along with our mind and lifestyle. As an alternative to consuming probiotic sources, there are other ways we can help improve our gut health. Cutting down on sugars and sweeteners is one way as bad bacteria likes to feed on sugar. As many of our hormones and chemicals are produced in our gut, when we are stressed, it can have a huge impact on our body’s natural processes thus effecting the way our gut functions. To help with stress, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly can help produce feel-good chemicals, which in turn means our gut health is overall better. Of course, some of the best ways to improve your gut health is by monitoring the food you eat and ingesting some of best probiotic sources like fermented foods and drinks, definitely can help. If you don’t know where to start or if something is good for your gut, then the best probiotic like Progurt’s probiotics is a great place to start on your road to gut recovery.

With some established importance found in relation gut health we can delve into some features of probiotics. Nowadays with the ability to summon any type of food from an app on your smartphone to your door step with great ease this has caused many people to not eating enough fruits and vegetables, and consuming high fat diets. As a result of these recent trends, gut health is really suffering. As a result, it is now more important than ever to consider the benefits of the best probiotics on the market. At Progurt we know that the ingredients in our best probiotic products will help improve overall gut health and make a difference to sensitive tummies that are prone to becoming upset. By making an active choice to manage your gut health you’re giving yourself a better chance to continue the lifestyle you deserve without your gut health holding you back from living your best possible life.

The Lactic Acid Bacteria found in our probiotic sachet strains can also make a big difference for people who have digestion problems as a result of taking antibiotics. The bacteria can also help re-establish gut health after periods where there gut has been under particular strain, for example during foreign travel when the gut has been exposed to new and potentially harmful bacteria. We have combined a variety of good bacteria strains in our blends, which all work in their own way to restore gut health. This includes strains commonly missing from many people, strains that exist in both the upper and lower gut, and strains that work to support each other to create harmony in the tummy. 

To outline some further benefits, it’s been found that other studies show that probiotics can help with weight loss, and prevent certain other illnesses. With Progurts best probiotic, you will be able to see everything that goes into your probiotic dosage, being two simple products! Put simply, it’s the best probiotic you can take home and make yourself.

At some point you have likely needed to take a course of antibiotics to fight off an infection with your body. In being prescribed the antibiotics and being advised on how this will assist in your recovery, the impact on your gut is often not discussed with you. Consuming probiotics can help mitigate impacts of antibiotics of your gut. The part about antibiotics that may not be relayed to you is that they seek to eliminate bad bacteria but unfortunately when wiping out the bad bacteria, the good bacteria becomes collateral damage. Side effects from the loss of this good bacteria can include diarrhoea and nausea, and it can also cause yeast infections. By taking some of the best probiotic sources, you can help the body replenish the good bacteria. Consuming a product like the Progurt best probiotics during and for weeks after you are taking antibiotics will help your body bounce back, bringing it back into balance by replacing the good bacteria that unfortunately gets eliminated by the antibiotics. This will help you feel better quicker, but also reduce any side effects from the lack of good bacteria in your digestive system. 

Whats The Best Probiotic To Take

If you’re familiar with the various benefits probiotics can deliver to your body and lifestyle, naturally it makes sense to consume the probiotics through a sachet you can make on the spot by yourself, being Progurt best probiotic as the best possible option. So how do you go about making the best probiotic on the market? We’ll explain here. You will be glad to know that making the best probiotic at home is surprisingly easy and will provide you with a delicious and nutritious source of probiotics you can enjoy all year around. The Progurt sachet believe it or not can be versatile in that you’re not limited to having to only use it in just one kind of beverage. Simply pop the contents of one sachet into 200ml of water or freshly pressed juice, and mix. The best time to have this drink is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. To receive the benefits as an intensive dose, take your probiotics in this way for up to fourteen days. Otherwise, this method can be used once a week. For the best probiotic on the market, contact us today.