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What Are Probiotics?

What Are Probiotics?

With the attention on gut health increasing more than ever, the discussion of probiotics is sure to be one that has crossed your path at some stage especially if you are somebody that takes an interest in their health. With many of us understanding that antibiotics are a medication that helps treat sickness, what is on the other side of that? Inside our gut we have bacteria, and this bacteria helps balance out how our gut functions. When we get sick, we take antibiotics to kill all of this bacteria in an effort to ensure that we are killing any sickness or bad bacteria that has found its way into our system. Probiotics are also bacteria and organisms that live in your gut, but these are the good bacteria that aids in keeping many of our systems functioning correctly and maintaining overall health. When we have an imbalance of probiotics, either they are depleted from many of the lifestyle factors that can impact our gut- there is a good chance that our gut health is suffering. Probiotics, which are bacteria and yeast, are crucial in helping our body fight off bad bacteria and part of the overall ecosystem of our body. Our body needs the best probiotics as part of our bodies microbiome to be able to perform everyday functions such as digestion and helping produce vitamins and hormones, among other uses. While our body can naturally produce probiotics, there is a strong chance that we may be lacking in that department. This is something you may notice if you are struggling with digestion issues, skin issues and even mental issues like depression and anxiety. There is so much that goes on in our stomach, that scientists often call it our second brain, so it is important that we have adequate probiotics in our system. If you are finding that you are possibly suffering from the effects of a lack of the best probiotics in your system, then there are ways to supplement them. Just like we take antibiotics to kill bad bacteria in our stomach, we can take probiotics to help feed the good bacteria- something that you may want to consider if you find yourself suffering from poor gut health.

Choosing the Best Probiotics

With the knowledge of probiotics improving your health, there are so many conditions that can indicate that you are in need to start ingesting more probiotics as a part of your diet. Chances are though, that if you are suffering from any gut problems, increasing the probiotics in your microbiome will have a positive effect. While it may not completely solve the issues, balancing the gut flora is a sure-fire way to kickstart the healing process. The first instinct of many people is to try and ingest probiotics from food sources. There are many foods that do contain a range of probiotics, particularly fermented foods, but one thing is not considered when people try to eat their probiotics- absorption. One of the main roles of probiotics is to help the body absorb nutrients but if you are already lacking in probiotics, then it can be even harder to ensure that you are absorbing everything you need to help improve your health. That does not mean you should not eat fermented foods- there are just other ways to ensure that you are getting the right number of probiotics into your system and in an easier way to absorb them and many people in that case turn to a supplement. While it may be tempting to pick off those snacks with added best probiotics or buy that product that is promising you all of those amazing results, not all supplements are made equally. That is why at Progurt we have developed a range of products to help the body absorb probiotics easier. The easier it is to absorb, the more impact it will have on the body and ultimately that is what you want. Another issue with getting your probiotics solely from food is that there are many types of bacteria and probiotics that live in the gut, so how can you be sure you are getting exactly what you need? That is why our Progurt best probiotic sachets are specifically developed to ensure that those who take them are getting the range of probiotics that they need. 

The Best Way to Use Probiotics

Taking probiotics in any way, shape or form is better than not taking them. Even if you decide to get your probiotics just from eating fermented foods a few times a week, giving your body even a little bit of a fighting chance is beneficial. If you are struggling with your gut health though or any issues that can come from having poor gut health, then chances are you want to get the best out of your probiotics. If you have decided to supplement with the best probiotics, then there are some things to look out for when you are taking the added probiotics to your diet. That is why you are probably looking at taking Progurt’s best probiotic product, our Probiotic sachets. With products like Progurt’s Probiotic sachets, for best results they should be taken consistently. As bacteria is live, as soon as you mix up a sachet, you should be consuming it. By consuming around 200ml a day, you give your gut the best chance at repopulating your gut flora. For the best results, using them daily is recommended but even by using them weekly you are still giving your body a great supplement. Just simply mix them in your juice, smoothies or even just your water once daily and get that good bacteria into your system! You are also able to mix the sachets into yoghurt as well, giving you not only a yummy but even better treat of probiotics. Poor gut health is not something that is enjoyable to suffer from, so if you are serious about taking control of your health, then getting the most out of your best probiotics is extremely important. Even if you are sceptical, there is no harm in giving the best probiotics a chance to help you get your health back on track.

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