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Unlock Benefits From Our Best Probiotic Sachets

Unlock Benefits From Our Best Probiotic Sachets

Your Gut Will Thank You

At Progurt we have taken great pride in supplying the best probiotic that is here to help people live their lives to the fullest without having to be scared of what their gut is up to. A crowd favourite in our product range is our best probiotic sachets and there are some good reasons behind this. When you consume one of our best probiotic sachets you begin receiving all the associated benefits with it like benefiting from over one trillion Colony Forming Units (CFU) capability. To some, this figure might sound staggering, however these levels are what is required when you consider the gut contains a variety of microorganisms. Therefore an effective number of CFU must be from clinically tested probiotic strains that can be delivered alive through stomach acid into the small intestine and colon. For this reason with probiotics the numbers are essential. You might be thinking, are one trillion CFU normal for any probiotic on the market? This isn’t the case.  A baseline probiotic capsule can contain around twenty-five billion CFU. When you choose our best probiotic you can then benefit by being well ahead of the consumption of a baseline tablets many times over as each sachet contains many times more CFU than a typical capsule. If you want to give your gut every chance possible to be its healthiest and your healthiest, Progurts best probiotic sachets are the way to go and your gut will be thanking you.


So What’s Inside?

At some point you might be wondering what is inside the sachet? And how will my gut and I benefit from consuming the sachet? What makes Progurt’s best probiotic the best probiotic? When you purchase our best probiotic sachets, in each sachet we have devised a formula that is aimed at improving your gut health and the contents of the sachet include one trillion Colony Forming Units (CFU) Beneficial Bacteria Capability, coupled with Human Probiotic Isolates™ (HPI) of Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) and Bifidobacteria which include Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Bifidus and Streptococcus Thermophilus), Inactivated Yeast Extract and Cellulose. The Human Probiotic Isolates™ that we package within our sachets are formulated to allow for maximum benefit to your gut and gut wellbeing. It can be known that HPI are typically the more adequate representations for healthy gut microflora. The reason behind this is because it has been observed that they are look upon as being identical to the microflora found in the human intestinal tract. The HPI packed into each Progurt’s best probiotics sachets consist of beneficial probiotic strains of Lactic Acid Bacteria and Bifidobacteria which are known to be beneficial to the gut when consumed. These HPI strains have been specifically chosen for their capabilities in colonising and replicating, which in turn allow for maximum benefits to the gut. More specifically, Human Probiotic Isolates include missing strains, colonising strains, upper and lower gut strains, fragile strains, migrating strains to E.N.T, replicating strains and at birth strains. All of which you can enjoy receiving the benefits from upon the consumption of our best probiotic sachets.


Unlock Benefits From Our Best Probiotic Sachets

The feature our customers benefits from and enjoy from our best probiotic sachets are their versatility and ability to take them wherever they are going and option to consume them in any location just by simply mixing the sachet with water. Further to this, we are proud to offer our best probiotic sachets with a dual delivery consumption methods whereby the sachets can be consumed through the traditional way of dissolving them in water and then consuming or through a yoghurt through use of the incubator which customers love as they can consume the yoghurt as a treat with fruit as however they please. Whether you are on the go or perhaps in a rush, consuming our best probiotics is a favourable option for many of our customers. All you need to get your dosage in is just one of our best probiotic sachets and 200ml of water, or if you’re feeling adventurous, mix with you with your favourite juice. Consume this first thing in the morning or take on an empty stomach or half an hour before food consumption. If you’re after an intensive dosage, you can consume one sachet a day for up to fourteen days. Otherwise if you’re after a less intensive and more of a maintenance dosage, you can consume one sachet a week for up to fifty-two weeks. To ensure you receive the full benefits from our sachet, mix well with the desired liquid and ensure the entire contents of the sachet is mixed with the liquid instantly after opening the sachet.


Why Our Customers Choose Progurt for the Best Probiotic

At Progurt the most satisfying part of supplying our customers with our best probiotic is receiving tangible feedback about the benefits our customers have received as a result of consuming our product. Don’t just take from us all the benefits you can expect when consuming our best probiotic sachets, our customers often leave us fantastic feedback about the benefits they have enjoyed after consumption. Jan was unable to believe she only just discovered the benefits of Progurt’s best probiotic sachets and states they are fabulous and that she is excited to pop them into her suitcase for her next holiday. Trina who has suffered from extremely poor digestion found that after consuming our best probiotic sachets has experienced less stomach cramps and even better brain function and is absolutely amazed by our product. Kathy who suffers from reflux and bowel problems finds the product amazing. She found that her symptoms disappear after one sachet and thoroughly enjoys the yoghurt that can be produced. Kathy is also pleased that our best probiotic has also helped her husband who suffers from an upset stomach from taking medicine for his diabetes. As you can see from some of the reviews from our thankful customers, they have been able to benefit in various ways and you could benefit too. After all, you have nothing to lose but possibly get rid of that upset stomach.

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