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Incorporating Probiotics into Your Lifestyle

Incorporating Probiotics into Your Lifestyle

Probiotics and Your Immune System

Even though we are heading out of the winter and into the warmer weather, it does not mean that we should be getting complacent with our immune system. In a time where there may be a little more disruption to our gut health, typically by foods we are consuming, we are leaving our immune systems a little more compromised than normal. In this current time, boosting our immunity and protecting ourselves against germs has been at the forefront of most people’s minds. One way to improve the immune system is by using probiotics to help strengthen the number of good bacteria in your stomach. Having a large population of good bacteria helps the body fight off any bad bacteria, thus strengthening your immune system. Another issue you can have with your immune system is if you have been taking a course of antibiotics. While the antibiotics kill all the bad bacteria in your body, they also kill all the good bacteria as well, leaving your body quite depleted of healthy bacteria. This is okay until the course of antibiotics is finished, and you will be looking for the best probiotic source to help replenish the good bacteria in the gut. Our immune system when it is at its best does a wonderful job protecting us and helping beat any illness or disease it comes across. The stronger your immune system is, the less you will get sick and if you do happen to catch anything going around, having a strong immune system will ensure you beat it quicker and more effectively. The best way to improve the number of good bacteria, thus helping strengthen your immune system is by ingesting sources of the best probiotic you can get on the market. Rather than trying to take your chance on just consuming regular foods, consuming a product like Progurt’s best probiotic sachets are a great way to ensure that the good probiotics you are putting in your body are effective and will help strengthen your immune system. 

How Probiotics Can Help You This Festive Season

Our gut health is one of the last things we want to think about when we are entering into the festive season, but unfortunately it is one of the things that takes the biggest beating during this time. Many things are fun and amazing about the end of year party season, especially with it being a time to catch up and take some time off work but there are so many unaccounted for stresses that our body’s undergo during this time and all of this can have an impact on our gut health. Increased consumption of alcohol, a larger of intake of food, that most likely is not the healthiest, combined with partying that may mean less sleep, closer contact with people and of course, that underlying holiday stress that most people do not like to acknowledge- all of these factors can have a huge impact on your gut health. Whether it be damaging your gut health for the long run, or even be having an immediate impact with issues like irritable bowel syndrome, digestion issues or just an overall painful stomach, it can really bring down a time of year that is supposed to be about being festive and celebrating. This is why intaking the best probiotic sources are more important than ever. Instead of having to completely steer clear of the fun, by there are products available that can help combat the stressors that you are putting on your gut and act as a preventative against the issues that you may end up facing. While it is not always a cure all, taking the steps to help prevent any issues or to add layers of protection in the gut against any unhealthy bacteria or things that you are consuming, is a great way to get you through this festive season. At Progurt, there is a range of products, not just our best probiotic source our probiotic sachets, to help keep your gut in better health during the festive season and beyond. With our expert help team available via phone and email, they can help you get the best probiotic products to aid your gut through the difficult times ahead. 

Incorporating Probiotics into Your Lifestyle


It can often feel like an overwhelming task staying on top of our health. With so many products being thrown around the market, advice coming from all directions and conflicting ideals from different groups convoluting what we need to be doing to stay in the best health, there is no wonder that people often do not know where to start when it comes to improving their lifestyle. Consuming the best probiotic sources, along with other products to help your gut health, is something that we are told to do but with so much information out there, knowing that to consume or where to start can leave most of us just wanting to give up before we even start. That is why at Progurt, we are committed to making our products not only simple to consume but easy to incorporate into your everyday lifestyle, especially our best probiotic source, our probiotic sachets. Being as simple as consuming one sachet in water or juice, once a day, you do not even have to go out of your everyday routine to incorporate probiotics into your lifestyle. We know that the simplest changes are the easiest ones to adopt into our lifestyle, so we want to make sure that everybody is able to have access to good health products. Along with our expert advice, helping you to purchase and use the right Progurt products for your health, we help take the mystery out of improving your health. We also have a range of kits and packs, depending on what your health needs are, so you can save money and having to research the corners of the internet to figure exactly what you need to be consuming. Make it easy to incorporate the best probiotics into your lifestyle with Progurt. 


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