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Factors that affect the good bacteria in your gut

Factors that affect the good bacteria in your gut

Who needs to take probiotic supplements?

Probiotics, the good bacteria in your gut, are important for your health and wellbeing. Today, the saying that you are what you eat can never be truer. Research on gut health continues to find new ways in which bacteria can be beneficial to our health.

The normal human being develops bacteria along the gut shortly after birth. These bacteria have many known benefits to our bodies. This makes it easier for the body to absorb the beneficial nutrients that it needs. Gut bacteria also help to boost your immunity, reducing the chances of infections.

Several factors can affect these occurring bacteria. These factors often create an imbalance in the bacterial flora in the gut. When this happens, you are likely to experience several symptoms. This is when you should start asking, “What’s the best probiotic to take?”.

Some people are more likely to need probiotic supplements. Though, this doesn't limit anyone from taking one. Just like a multivitamin, it always pays to take a daily probiotic supplement.  But let's break down the factors that make probiotic supplementation a necessity.


Some of the factors that affect your gut bacteria are within your body. As you grow older, the gut flora changes to adapt to different lifestyles. And, as a result of these lifestyle changes, the bacteria in your gut become less diverse.

This means that with age, the beneficial bacteria in your gut lose their strength. Older people's guts often have an imbalance between good and bad bacteria. This is because good bacteria become less grounded, causing bad bacteria to thrive in the gut. This is why it is advisable that you take an effective probiotic supplement as you get older.

By taking a probiotic supplement, you’ll ensure that your gut stays healthy. And, you will also reduce your chances of catching opportunistic infections. This can go a long way to make sure that you enjoy a good quality of life. This is especially true since the older we get; the harder it becomes for the body to recover from diseases.


Suffering from an illness can affect the number of good bacteria in your gut. Most body infections arise when bad bacteria multiply faster than good ones. When the bad bacteria overrun the good ones, it compromises your immunity, making you ill.

People that suffer from certain diseases that affect the gut should also take probiotic supplements. Such diseases include diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel diseases. In these diseases, probiotic supplements will help to reduce the symptoms, easing your discomfort.

Additionally, when you are ill, you may need to take antibiotics to get better. These antibiotics can sometimes kill the good bacteria along with the bad ones. This means that in case you fall ill and take antibiotics you need to restore the good bacteria in your gut. And to do this, you'll need to look for the best type of probiotic supplements.


While there are foods that can add good bacteria to your gut, this is not always the case with most foods. If anything some foods make it easier for the bad bacteria to thrive in your gut. Long term consumption of foods that are rich in proteins or animal fat can increase bad bacteria in the gut.

Foods that are rich in iron can also affect the microbial composition in your gut. Some sources of iron are foods such as red meats and fortified cereals. Adding the most effective probiotic supplements into your diet can help you to balance your gut flora. This will in turn ensure that your body gets all the nutrients that it needs while your gut remains healthy.

Stress levels

Studies show that the bacteria in your gut can affect your moods. Think, for example of that time when you had butterflies in your stomach. Or that time you had a gut-wrenching feeling. The gut has many neurons that communicate with the brain. So you are likely to feel stressed when the communication between the gut and the brain breaks.

As a result of this stress, you are likely to start feeling bloated and uncomfortable. To restore your gut flora, you’ll need to take the best probiotic supplements. In this way, a healthy gut contributes to a healthy mind.


Your gut health affects different physiological processes in your body. One of these processes is metabolism. People with slow metabolism often tend to be obese.

Researchers have found a connection between people who have obesity and gut health. The people that tend to have a limited variety of bacteria in their gut are more likely to be obese. To get this under control, you’d have to introduce the best type of probiotics.

Probiotic supplements can help to diversify the strains of bacteria in your gut. And, this will improve its digestive and absorption functions. In doing so, your gut will be able to break down food better, lowering your cholesterol levels.

What’s the best probiotic to take?

The answer to this question is simple. The best probiotic to take is one that combines efficiency, safety and reliability. This means that the best probiotics have to populate your gut with billions of good bacteria.

What’s more, the best probiotic should be safe for your body. The problem with this is that probiotic supplements are not regulated by a specific governing body. For this reason, you should only choose reputable brands. Such brands are likely to have high-quality probiotic supplements that are well researched. Plus, you can also count on a reputable brand to be reliable and that’s what Progurt is.

We have provided the best probiotic supplements to people of all ages. Our probiotic supplements also cater to people who have many different lifestyles. Our products will help you to restore the bacteria in your gut and live a healthier lifestyle. All you have to do is visit our website, place your order and then enjoy the results from our probiotic supplements.

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