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Why you need the best Probiotic on planet Earth - Progurt

Why you need the best Probiotic on planet Earth - Progurt

Why you need the best Probiotic on planet Earth - Progurt

Have you undergone a recent antibiotics treatment? Do you have an upset tummy or poor gut health? Are you lactose intolerant?

Progurt, the best probiotic in the market, may help you with these symptoms. With over 1 trillion good bacteria per sachet, each Progurt probiotic sachet contains 7 strains of bacteria isolated and replicated from a healthy human gut. These multiple human probiotic isolates are made from 100% natural ingredients and contains multiple lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacterium which is effective in restoring the balance in your gut flora.

Progurt, the best probiotic supplement, has the highest CFU capability in comparison to other probiotics. Its unique formulation offers the same human bacteria that naturally occur within the gut from birth.

Gut health is important to maintaining overall health. Digestive health allows nutrients from food to be easily absorbed by the body, thus promoting stronger immune system, better weight and blood sugar management, and effective mood regulation. Optimum gut health protects against viruses, provides energy, eliminates waste, regulates neurotransmitters, produces serotonin, and is responsible for over 80% of your immune system. It is crucial to maintain balance in your gut.

Progurt offers superior colonisation and effectiveness due to its unique formulation. One sachet of Progurt probiotics is equal to 40 probiotic capsules. Progurt probiotic sachets are also freeze-dried, travel safe, refrigeration free and vegan friendly. Progurt probiotics are free from dairy, GMO's, sugar, lactose, wheat, gluten, soy, salt, corn-starch, MSG, and preservatives. With 1 trillion good bacteria capability, Progurt probiotics is the best probiotic supplement in the market.

Restore beneficial bacteria to your gut and recover after antibiotics with Progurt, the most effective type of probiotics on Planet Earth. Progurt probiotics also improves the appearance of skin, aids in dairy and food allergies, and supports the development of children with cognitive issues. 

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