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The best Probiotic for Preventative Health Care

The best Probiotic for Preventative Health Care

Preventative Health Care

So often the focus is always on treating sickness. What medicines to take, drink water, get plenty of rest but what happens when you stop waiting to get sick and take your health into your own hands? Preventative health care is one of the best ways to not just avoid getting sick in the first place, but it can also mean that if you do happen to get sick, you are able to fight it off easier. One of the best ways to ensure that you have a strong body that can help you fight off any sicknesses is having a healthy immune system, and a healthy immune system comes from having a healthy gut. Having a plethora of good gut bacteria helps strengthen the immune system, giving it the tools to fight off any bad bacteria that may enter the body. One way to help encourage the growth of good bacteria and regain some balance of your gut microbiome is by ingesting probiotics. What is the best probiotic source to do this? Well one of best probiotic products on the market is Progurt’s probiotic sachets. Unlike other sources that can be full of other different products, Progurt’s probiotic sachets are engineered specifically to help balance gut microbiome and give your body the best source of probiotics possible. That way instead of having to take probiotics after your antibiotics to help replenish your stomach microbiome, you can help prevent having to take antibiotics in the first place by giving your immune system a fighting chance.


So Are Probiotics Worth it?


Lately there has been some conjecture whether probiotics are as good for you as they say they are. With so many products on the market now stating they claim probiotics, from chips to flavoured milks, one cannot be blamed for starting to feel a little sceptical and think that maybe probiotics have become just another health gimmick. Well there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that it is not certain that most of these products do not provide any real nutritional benefits, but the good news is that there a probiotic products out there that actually do what they say they do. The science around gut health is pretty clear when it says that so much of our health, physical and mental health, does stem from the way our gut is working. So many of the body’s systems are controlled from the gut and that includes of course the immune system but also our mood regulators. Since serotonin is produced in the gut, it means that when our gut health is off, it can lead to depression and other mental health issues. That is why when our gut feels off, many times we feel off as well. Does that mean we should be looking for the best probiotic to add to our diets? Well there are certainly benefits but it most likely will come in chip form. That is why it is better to be safe than sorry if you are looking for the best probiotic products and choose a company that has a track record of producing a quality product that has actually impacted the lives of those who have used it.


What Our Customers Say


It is easy for us to say that at Progurt, we sell the best probiotic and range of probiotic products. We can spout off all the science and tell you what is in all the products, show you all the facts and figures along with the evidence to support why we have the best probiotic range available on the market, but the best proof is the word of those who have tried them. With reviews ranging from customers in their twenties right up until the eight-five plus age bracket, it shows that no matter what your age you can benefit from having our best probiotic range. Cristina M, a verified buyer stated how she actually used the product for her daughter originally but started using it herself. She stated how it makes her feel lighter and healthier. Another verified customer Jan. R stated that she was consuming another product that caused an imbalance in her gut and by consuming Progurt, she was able to restore balance and feel a lot better. Corine T, a buyer from Canada, gave us a review stating that she had used many different products but had not been able to find the right one for her; here is a snippet of her review of the Progurt Probiotic pack:
“I have tried many probiotics for my digestive issues and bloating. This one has been the only effective product out there. I notice a huge improvement in my symptoms the day after I take them.” It is results like that say much more than we ever could about our range, so if you want to see if Progurt’s best probiotic is for you, the best thing you can do is give it a try and see. Do not take our word for it, take our customers!


Supplements vs Food


Since we are talking about taking the best probiotic products from Progurt, it is worth talking about the effectiveness of sachets versus getting any sort of nutrients and benefits from food. Many experts have discussed that some forms of vitamins and supplements are not necessary if you are getting a balanced diet, but what many neglect to mention is that unless your gut health is optimal, much of what you consume may not actually be absorbed efficiently into the body. Which means unless you have a healthy gut microbiome in the first place, then it is hard to consume all your nutrients from food alone. When your gut health is bad, many people find that they pass food too quickly and their digestion is either to slow or too fast. Both means that you are not digesting your food properly and that means that your gut health is not working as efficiently as possible. In order to get your gut health back on track so you can get the most from what you eat, using Progurt’s best probiotic sachet is a great way to replenish the healthy bacteria into your gut. There is nothing wrong with relying on food for all your nutrients, just make sure your gut is the best shape to be able to process and receive it all.


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