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Probiotics For Women: How Do They Affect Everyday Life?


There is a rising awareness of the health benefits of probiotics and how they affect everyday life. We are in the era of heightened health consciousness, and probiotic supplements are one of the leading options on the market right now. You might be a little late to the party if you are still wondering whether you need to start taking them. These supplements are packed full of benefits for all ages and genders. Women, in particular, can enjoy better overall health by including more probiotics in their diet. Therefore, women looking to restart or improve their health journey can do so with probiotics. 

Probiotics are live flora and microorganisms that reside in the gut. When the term bacteria is included, many people feel like it automatically means something bad. That is not the case. Bacteria can be good or bad, but they are all good in the context of probiotics! 

With all of the hormonal changes that the female body goes through at multiple stages of its lifespan, the body can get thrown off by all of the changes and the entrance of foreign bodies. 

Probiotics benefit the body in many ways; maintaining gut health, keeping the vaginal pH balance stable, and even weight loss. This article highlights all of the reasons why women need probiotics for their everyday life. 


While the body often has its own probiotics that keep the gut clean and functional, sometimes a little extra help is needed from other sources in order to reap these benefits. This is why many experts recommend getting an extra dose of probiotics through food. According to the International Scientific Association of Probiotics and Prebiotics, fermented options like kefir, sauerkraut, and kimchi are a great place to begin. There are other foods like tofu, pickled cucumbers, and even yogurt to add to the list. 

However, to get a concentrated and more specific dose of beneficial bacteria, probiotic supplements are highly recommended. And when it comes to probiotic supplements, Progurt is your best option for high-quality products.


  • THEY PREVENT URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS - 40-60% of women experience urinary tract infections (UTIs), and most will benefit from taking probiotics. Those microorganisms may help subdue the uncomfortable symptoms that often accompany UTIs when ingested.

  • THEY HELP IMMUNITY - If you've been looking to strengthen your immune system, probiotics are a great way to start. Research shows that they boost immunity by replenishing all the good bacteria in the body. When foods containing probiotics are eaten regularly, your body produces vitamins and enzymes that help keep your insides hale and hearty.

  • THEY HELP WITH GOOD BACTERIA - While antibiotics are extremely helpful in fighting off bacterial infections, overusing them can take away the good bacteria in your body. For this reason, antibiotics should only be taken when prescribed. Probiotics help in keeping the bad bacteria ratio down. 

  • THEY ENHANCE FERTILITY - Trying to conceive can be a difficult process for some, but probiotics may make it easier. Research has shown that having a good amount of some probiotic strains can greatly improve the odds. You can communicate with your doctor about which probiotics will work best for you. 

  • THEY CAN HELP TO TREAT VAGINAL INFECTIONS - Probiotics are very helpful in positively improving vaginal flora and warding off vaginal yeast infections, urogenital infections, and bacterial vaginosis. They keep the bacteria in the vagina balanced and happy. 

  • THEY AID DIGESTION - Some microbes help digest your food in the lower intestine, and probiotics can help prevent indigestion and reduce bloating, constipation and gas. 


    While probiotics are life-saving and can ward off various symptoms and problems, like every other drug, there are also a few downsides. 

    • THEY MAY CAUSE SOME DIGESTIVE SYMPTOMS - While many people do not experience any side effects, a few do. The most commonly encountered reaction to bacteria-based probiotic supplements is a temporary increase in gas and bloating. Yeast-based probiotics may give symptoms of constipation and increased thirst. These symptoms usually subside after a few weeks of continued use, but if they persist after a while, quit them and see your doctor. 


  • THEY MIGHT TRIGGER HEADACHES - Probiotic-rich foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, and yogurt contain amines. These amines are found in foods fermented by bacteria, and they can trigger headaches in certain people. If probiotic foods trigger your headaches, supplements are your next best bet. But if the headaches persist, make sure to see your doctor. 

  • THEY MAY TRIGGER ALLERGIES - Some people are allergic to dairy and soy, which are two of the most probiotic-rich foods. Yogurt contains dairy, and tofu, tempeh, and miso are all made from soy. Lactose is used in many probiotic supplements. While some people with lactose intolerance can consume a small amount of lactose, others with more extreme symptoms will experience bloating and flatulence. If these symptoms persist, see your doctor to discuss some likely alternatives. 

  • THERE IS A RISK OF INFECTIONS FOR SOME - The risk of developing an infection is quite low, but it is still a possibility. Sometimes, the yeast found in probiotics can seep into the bloodstream and cause people with compromised immune systems to develop certain infections and symptoms. While safe for most of the population, probiotics may not be the best fit for everyone. 


    To reduce the chances of coming down with these side effects, be sure to speak to your doctor before commencing on Probiotics. Another way to ensure you suffer minimal to zero side effects is to choose the best supplements on the market. Choose from Progurt USA's great range of supplements to enjoy a pleasurable experience using probiotics.


    The hustle and bustle of everyday activities can tamper with our ability to stay healthy. This is why probiotics should be important in your life as a woman. With a reputation as the world's most advanced probiotic supplement, Progurt has everything it takes to help women lead a more health-conscious life. Head over to the website to order yours and take a step further to a healthier life!

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