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Characteristics of the best probiotics

Our bodies are full of bacteria, both good and bad bacteria. These bacteria coexist in a balance which when upset, causes you to fall sick. When the bad bacteria are in excess over the good bacteria, your body begins to feel sick. To restore the balance of these bacteria, you'll need to take antibiotics.

While antibiotics kill the bad bacteria in your body, they can also kill the good bacteria. The good bacteria offer your body many benefits. This is why when the amount of good bacteria along your gut is low; you'll need to take action. This is the point where you need to know the best probiotic supplements to take.

Finding the best probiotic supplements for you can be a difficult task at times. But, you need not fret because there are a few characteristics that you can look out for. The following characteristics can help you decide on the most effective probiotic supplements.

Ability to survive 

This is quite self-explanatory. You wouldn't want the bacteria in your probiotic supplements to die during digestion. As we all know, the digestive tract is full of different enzymes and acids that help digestion. These chemicals might enable the digestion of the good bacteria in your probiotics. 

If the bacteria don't survive digestion you won't gain any benefits of probiotics. The best probiotic supplements contain bacteria that are viable. This means that the bacteria can survive the digestion process and attach themselves to your stomach lining.

Ability to thrive 

Surviving in the gut is not enough; the best probiotic supplements should also be able to thrive. For you to qualify any type of probiotic as the best probiotics to take it should be able to add bacteria to the gut. 

And it doesn't stop there. The bacteria that the best probiotic supplements add to your gut should be able to thrive. 

Probiotics that don't thrive in your gut and colonize it are not the best probiotics to take. The best probiotic supplements to take will have an easy time attaching to your gut's epithelial cells. This is when colonization can take place.


The best probiotic supplements should be safe for consumption. This means that the probiotic supplements should be non-toxic and non-pathogenic. The best probiotic supplements shouldn't add disease-causing bacteria into your body. Worse yet, you shouldn't take any probiotic supplements that could poison you.

The best probiotic supplements should improve your health and in turn your life. You should avoid taking anything that does nothing to that effect.

Use nutrients and substrates

The best probiotic supplements help to change the metabolic properties of your gut bacteria. This increases the competition for nutritional substrates from the digestion process. Some strains of bacteria help to increase the capabilities of processing carbohydrates. This improves the ways in which the gut microbiome uses carbohydrates.

Some results of increased competition include an improved barrier function. This then reduces the chances of inflammation and stimulates your immune responses. These characteristics make for the most efficient probiotic supplements that you should take.

Ability to be useful

There are different kinds of bacteria that you can find in probiotic supplements. All the different strains of bacteria offer different benefits to the gut flora and the body as a whole. And because different bacteria can help the body in different ways, you need to know what you need. 

Having information on the contents of your probiotic supplements is important. This is why you should read about what’s the best probiotic supplement to take. That way, you'll be able to identify the strains that will be the most useful to your health. You can then match the bacteria that you need to the contents of the most effective probiotics.

Plus, the best probiotic supplements often have a comprehensive list of tested ingredients. This is a great way to sort through the many options of probiotic supplements in the market today.


A common effect of almost all probiotic supplements is that they improve immunity. This is regardless of whether you take them for any of the different symptoms that they can help to reduce. This is why the best probiotic supplements should be able to boost your immunity. If you find that you still get common infections with regular use of probiotics then it may not be the best type.

In the same vein, the best probiotic supplements shouldn't cause any inflammation. So, if you take probiotic supplements and experience any inflammation you should stop. Seeking the help of a physician in such cases will help you find what the best probiotic is for you.


When talking about the stability of probiotics, processing and storage come to mind. The best probiotic supplements are those that don't lose their potency during processing. The same applies to storage, you want probiotic supplements that you can store hassle-free. If your probiotic supplements deteriorate with storage then you need to switch them.

The best probiotic supplements are easy to store and have good formulations. This means that you'll get all the benefits of the best probiotic supplements as long as it's viable. Of course, you should also check for the expiry dates on the best probiotic sachets. 

This is to make sure that you only use your probiotics in the time recommended by the manufacturer.

The best probiotic supplements

Getting the most effective probiotic supplements starts from identifying a reliable manufacturer. This is where Progurt Australia can help you. We have invested in research to ensure that we only put out the best probiotic supplements. Our formulations are rich in trillions of healthy bacteria that'll colonize your gut.

What's more, our best probiotic supplements are easy to take and friendly for your entire family. This way, you can give your whole family some of the most effective probiotic supplements. And if that's not enough, you won't need to take our probiotic pills every day. This is because a single dose is packed with super-strength sachets. These will add trillions of beneficial bacteria into your gut.

If you're in the market for the best probiotic supplements then look no further. Visit our website today and start your journey to better gut health.

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